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Great service, reasonable prices and a audiologist who really cares!
Frank Barbeau, on Google
My parents have received excellent care here.
Julia Griffith, on Google
This review is as an observer. My mom, Anna Kirk, started seeing Kevin at Audibel several years ago. I have been her "urber" driver for several years, she is 91 years old, and I go to every appointment with her. Kevin has been so patient and caring about her hearing and her. He said her ears produce more wax than anyone he has seen as a patient, including his grandmother. He takes excellent care of her. My husband commented that she has appointments often. I realized they are necessary for her hearing. He is always patient and sees her with no extra cost.
Pat Williamson, on Google
I had both ears full of wax, couldn't hear out of one of them and only slightly out of the other. Unfortunately the Venice office was full and had no room for appointments. I almost went and bought one of those scary things at Walmart that removes wax, Well then Lisa from the call center called and was concerned. She got me an appointment with the Punta Gorda office who were absolutely great. I can hear again!!!!! Thank you so much for caring! Thank you Wayne in the Punta Gorda office for a job very well done.
Nancy Leighton, on Google
I was able to speak to the sales associate and get a clear understanding of what type of aid I may need in a few years. Additionally, I spoke to him about the type of aid my father needs. Wonderful service and kindness all around.
Katharine Reigeluth, on Google

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