Outstanding. Great deal on great hearing aids
Sally Sperry, on Google
I have been getting the services for my hearing at Hearing Centers of SWF for at least 5 years. I have always been satisfied with my service. There has been a change in location and this latest one so far is the very best. These are the nicest people and Wayne Stephenson is so easy to talk with and also very professional at all times. The latest work on my hearing aids was very fast service, involving sending them out, taking only a few days for return.
Patricia Masquelier, on Google
Great service, reasonable prices and a audiologist who really cares!
Frank Barbeau, on Google
This review is as an observer. My mom, Anna Kirk, started seeing Kevin at Audibel several years ago. I have been her "urber" driver for several years, she is 91 years old, and I go to every appointment with her. Kevin has been so patient and caring about her hearing and her. He said her ears produce more wax than anyone he has seen as a patient, including his grandmother. He takes excellent care of her. My husband commented that she has appointments often. I realized they are necessary for her hearing. He is always patient and sees her with no extra cost.
Pat Williamson, on Google

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