Written: 1/16/2015

I just wanted to let you know I am so happy I discovered All American Hearing in the area where I shop. I have been wearing hearing aids for the past few years that I purchased from another company. I had been having problems with them for several months so I returned to the place where I bought them and ask if they could adjust them or fix them. I was told there was nothing wrong with them. I asked about re-checking my hearing to see if there had been any change. They said no. They were not helpful at all. They started getting nasty so I left as I explained to you why I came into your office I knew I needed to do something. The hearing aids were not working and I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t understand what people were saying. So when I saw All American Hearing I decided to stop in and discuss my situation with you.

Thank you George Chamberlain not only for being helpful but explaining things about the ears and my hearing problem that the other company never mentioned after the testing and trying out the new hearing which are far superior to the ones I had. I never knew I could hear this good again. I’m so happy that I’m telling anyone I know with hearing aids about All American Hearing and its great staff and the way you treat your patients and the great hearing aids you have.