Date: 9/9/16

How have Hearing aids improved the quality of your life?

I have now been wearing my new Starkey Hearing Aids Model i2400 for over a month. I have hearing aids before but these are so great that I actually wear them everyday which I did not do before. Sometimes I even forget that I am wearing them. The convenience of adjusting with my cell phone is a great plus being able to switch selections and volume such as normal, church, movies, restaurants, etc. Is a huge plus. I am am now a happy hearing person.

What would you say to a friend about the staff and care you received at Hearing Centers?

The Venice, Florida Office is amazing. When I walk in the door and am greeted by Brittany I feel right at home. She is truly always happy, pleasant, helpful and polite. George Chamberlain has helped me so much right from the beginning. When I first discussed this hearing aid with him there was NO sale pressure from him only intelligent advice. He is always available to answer any and all of my questions. It is my pleasure to be connected with these two people, And of course I do show off my new wonderful hearing aids.